Welcome to Lion’s Pride Kennels
Breeders of German Shepherd Dogs
Located in Central New Jersey
We are low-volume breeders and produce at most, one litter of puppies a year. Our puppies are born and raised in the home and are well socialized with children and other dogs. From the day they are born, they are picked up and cuddled several times a day. They are bred for breed conformation as well as excellent temperaments. We use only champion line dogs for breeding that have been OFA certified. Our goal is to continue to improve the quality of our dogs with each new generation. We produce black and tans, bi-colors, and solid black. We also get an occasional long-coated dog.

Our dogs are raised in our home. They are our pets FIRST! They sleep in our bedroom at night, and are
free to roam the house and fenced-in yard during the day.

When you purchase a puppy from us, you not only get a health guarantee, but you are welcome to contact
us anytime day or night with questions, comments, stories, or just to talk. We love hearing about our puppy’s progress and really love getting pictures! We will also take the dog back and adopt him out to a good home if there is ever a problem. We never want one of our dogs to end up in a shelter or rescue (or worse!).

For more information, please contact us at
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